RIC is an independent risk manager serving the fiduciary industry. DATATRACK™, our secure web-based application, provides the tools and expertise required to administer and manage life insurance trusts, value closely held business interests, and track will files.



Life Insurance

Independent policy review, administration and remediation solutions to mitigate liability, gain efficiencies, meet regulatory compliance and fiduciary oversight requirements.

Closely Held Businesses

Set of review solutions addressing the significant compliance and reporting challenges professional trustees face today holding closely held business interests.

Will File

A secure web-based software application to assist in tracking, maintaining and proactively communicating with a bank's will file and future fee clients.


DATATRACK™ is RIC's secure, web-based platform which allows users to centralize and manage all pertinent data including trust account, life insurance, closely held business asset information, and will files.

No Hidden Agenda

We do not market or sell insurance of any kind. Our entire focus is to provide risk management and administrative solutions for trustees and fiduciaries.


A Trustee’s Guide: How to Manage TOLI When Your Clients Suspend Premium Payments Copy

More than 40% of the trust-owned life insurance policies RIC reviews each year are identified as being inadequately funded—either lapsing prior to maturity or maturing with a significantly reduced death benefit......

Should You Replace a Life Insurance Policy in an ILIT – What Trustees Need to Know

The life insurance industry continues to innovate, offering a wide spectrum of life insurance policies to consumers. Some life insurance companies may trend away from selling certain traditional......

The Impact of a Partnership Return (Form 1065 & Schedule K-1) on the Value of a Closely Held Entity

As we visit with fiduciary industry professionals, we often hear that a partner’s Schedule K-1 (from Tax Form 1065) is relied upon as the source of value for a closely held business interest held within a trus......

Life Settlements Within the Fiduciary World

We hear it all the time from Trustees managing ILITs. Your client no longer wants that life insurance policy they took out years ago for estate planning purposes. The original reason for the policy is no longer ......

Are Your “Will File” or Future Fee Clients Getting the Attention They Deserve

The “Will File” has been in existence since the inception of the Trust Agreement in the late 1800’s.  There are various phrases for the Will File such as “Future Fee Client Database”, “Group of U......

Unique Asset Exam Survey Results Regarding Closely Held Assets

We have received feedback from numerous clients that examiners at all levels have an increased focus on “unique assets” during their fiduciary exams.  Administering these asset types can pose significant cha......



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