RIC is an independent risk manager serving trustees and fiduciaries holding unique and hard-to-value assets. We provide the specialized expertise required to manage, analyze, and value life insurance policies, annuity contracts, closely held business interests, partnerships and other similar assets.



Life Insurance

Independent policy review, administration and remediation solutions to mitigate liability, gain efficiencies, meet regulatory compliance and fiduciary oversight requirements.


An in-depth review on the performance of an annuity that evaluates three key areas: carrier strength, contract competitiveness and contract risk assessment.

Closely Held Businesses

Set of review solutions addressing the significant compliance and reporting challenges professional trustees face today holding closely held business interests.


DATATRACK™ is RIC's secure, web-based platform which allows users to centralize and manage all pertinent data including trust account, life insurance, annuity and closely held business asset information.

No Hidden Agenda

We do not market or sell insurance of any kind. Our entire focus is to provide risk management and administrative solutions for trustees and fiduciaries.


2016 Year-end Note to Clients From RIC Founder Joe Kizer

Dear RIC Clients, Fiduciaries, Trustees and Administrators, 2016 is now coming to a close so it is only fitting to reach out to you, our partner, and address the significant advancements we have made supporting ......

A Trustee’s Guide: How to Manage TOLI When Your Clients Suspend Premium Payments

More than 40% of the trust-owned life insurance policies RIC reviews each year are identified as being inadequately funded—either lapsing prior to maturity or maturing with a significantly reduced death benefit......

The Case of the Complicated Carrier Contract

RIC was recently contacted by a trustee who was trying to reinstate a life insurance policy which unintentionally lapsed in 2013 under their management.  It was a flexible premium universal life insurance policy......

IRA Valuations and the Closely Held Business Interest

In 2013 the IRS announced new reporting requirements for IRA investments that do not have a readily determinable fair market value (e.g. closely held stock, partnership/limited liability company interests, real e......

What Trustees Should Know as Life Insurance COI Charges Grow

Over the last year, there has been a flurry of announcements from insurance companies regarding their intention to increase the current cost of insurance (COI) rates on certain blocks of universal life insurance ......

A Note of Appreciation to Our Clients

Dear RIC Clients, Fiduciaries, Trustees and Administrators, As 2015 comes to a close, I want to reach out and thank you and your company for the opportunity you have given us, supporting your efforts in serving ......



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