2017 Year-end Letter to Clients

Joseph Kizer

President & CEO


Dear Valued Clients,

As 2017 is coming to a close, tis the season and time to again reach out to thank you for the partnership and show our appreciation of the growing opportunities which come our way, by supporting your efforts in serving your clients.  RIC is completing our 17th year focused on unique assets; life insurance policies, annuity contracts, variable invested assets, closely held businesses, along with a growing suite of applications to streamline administration, communicate with pertinent parties, store and retrieve documents and provide comprehensive reporting.

The RIC platform has become the engine of our operations.  The security and protection of your data is RIC’s highest priority.  Each year you have made us a better company because “compliance” wanted security audits, penetration testing, code review, business continuity plans, and SOC 2 reports.  What was once considered onerous requirements of meeting due diligence, today is standard operating procedure.  It has taken time to get where we are, but you pushed and prodded and demanded and required.  For this we are thankful as well.

The RIC model is designed to provide your organization with the tools to efficiently and effectively service your clients at the highest level.  Most of our efforts today comes from prioritizing new functionality and upgrades to our system, requested by you.  Late last year RIC introduced “Will File”, a software application designed to give your future fee clients the attention they deserve.  Best described as a collection of names where your bank has been designated as a future trustee, executor, or serve in some fiduciary capacity, via an unfunded trust.  The previous service provider was exiting this market and an existing client asked if we could meet their needs with a similar application.

In 2009, I asked Patrick Alyward to serve on the RIC Advisory Board.  He previously worked in the fiduciary and compliance industry for 26 years and was an early client of RIC.  He was always telling me of ways that we could be a better company helping his bank.  After 8 years of advising, he joined our company earlier this year as SVP of Marketing, Business Development and Strategic Planning.  In summary what I am trying to say is that our clients have been responsible in directing our efforts and the real force fueling our growth.

It has been an honor for me to serve this talented industry of true professionals.  I am proud of our entire staff of dedicated service providers, credentialed life analysts, appraisers and IT professionals, who work to meet your needs.  I appreciate the opportunities you have provided to RIC, your confidence in us and most importantly your efforts in making RIC a better company.

All the best this holiday season,


Joseph Kizer

Founder, President & CEO


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