Patrick Alyward Elected CEO

Joseph Kizer

Founder & Chairman


I am pleased to announce that Patrick Alyward has been elected CEO of RIC at our August board meeting, effective September 1st.  Patrick first joined RIC in 2017 and was named President in 2019.  He was also an Advisory Board member since 2009 and was one of RIC”s first clients in 2002 when he served as Chief Fiduciary Officer at National City (now PNC Bank).  Patrick and I have remained friends since then and he has made significant contributions to RIC over the years.  Patrick’s years of fiduciary experience, reputation in the marketplace, and expertise has allowed us to better serve our clients and differentiate us from our competitors. 

This year we reached our 20th year serving banks and trust companies.  It’s been a fun run for me starting this company and watching it grow as we now partner with over 200 trust organizations.  Now is the time for succession planning and a new generation of leadership with Patrick as President & CEO.  I will continue to serve as board Chair and advisor/mentor to all of our staff.  Along with Eric Scow, our Chief Operating Officer, and Greg Kizer, SVP, Patrick has a very able team supporting his efforts and serving our clients well into the future.



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