RIC Promotes Paul Hasenjager and Greg Kizer

Patrick Alyward



Omaha, NE – Resource Insurance Consultants (RIC), a nation-leading fiduciary risk manager for banks and trust companies, announces two executive leadership promotions effective immediately:

Paul Hasenjager has been promoted to Senior Vice President of RIC Closely Held Services, a subsidiary of RIC. Since joining RIC in 2013, Paul has been instrumental in creating and expanding RIC’s valuation business line. Due to Paul’s efforts, the Closely Held Services division currently partners with over 60 wealth management organizations and continues to develop credentialed staff to help support and service the increased growth. As an Accredited Senior Appraiser with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), Paul possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to credibly serve fiduciaries, attorneys, advisors and business owners with their valuation needs. As Senior Vice President, Paul will continue to manage and grow the valuation division of RIC.

Greg Kizer has been promoted to Senior Vice President of RIC.  As Senior Vice President, Greg will continue to manage all new business development and client relationships for RIC.  Additionally, he serves on the Executive Committee.  Greg joined RIC in 2011 and has been a key contributor helping RIC become a nation-leading provider for Trust Owned Life Insurance solutions and growing all other business lines under the RIC umbrella. He has also been instrumental in making sure all clients are receiving a superior client experience. 

According to Patrick Alyward, President of RIC, “Both Paul and Greg have been a critical ingredient in building RIC’s reputation in the fiduciary industry – these promotions will further cement RIC as a nation-leading fiduciary risk manager.”  Paul and Greg are nationally recognized experts and are frequent speakers (and authors) regarding fiduciary compliance topics.

About RIC

RIC is independent risk manager that has been dedicated to the fiduciary industry since 2001.  We partner with over 200 Banks / Trust companies and specialize in three areas: 1) Trust Owned Life Insurance Solutions 2) Closely Held Business Valuations held in Trusts/IRA’s 3) Will File Platform to help organize records. 


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