Solutions for Closely Held Business Valuations

RIC's ValueTrack™ reports are designed to comply with current regulatory requirements and help meet specific valuation needs pertaining to closely held interests. Our team of qualified appraisers derive an unbiased opinion of value intended to help fulfill your fiduciary obligations.

Products and Services

Trust and IRA Calculation Reports

Whether you’re administering a Trust or an IRA holding an interest in a closely held business, RIC’s Calculation Report complies with reporting requirements by providing an independent, objective fair market value indication.

Formal Appraisal Reports

RIC prepares competitive and comprehensive valuations to properly file an estate or gift tax return (Form 706/709). These Appraisal Reports employ valuation techniques prescribed by IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 and adhere to AICPA reporting standards to ensure credibility and withstand IRS scrutiny.

Assets We Value

  • Controlling and Minority Interests
  • Operating Companies
  • Real Estate and Asset Holding Companies
  • Common and Preferred Equity Interests
  • Promissory Notes
  • Other Holding Types

Professional Compliance Standards

We employ valuation techniques prescribed by the IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60

Key Features

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