Solutions for Trust Owned Life Insurance



LIFETRACK™ is a comprehensive policy review that meets regulatory compliance and fiduciary oversight requirements. The report is designed to address and simplify all risk issues associated with Trust Owned Life Insurance and generates valuable management information. RIC reports these management items on DATATRACK™, a web-based reporting and management tool. Additionally, RIC will assign each policy with a recommended review frequency schedule based upon identified risk factors.

Key Features

Client Testimonial

"Using RIC's insurance consulting services greatly helps us manage insurance held in our fiduciary accounts, increases our due diligence capabilities, and addresses the risks inherent with life insurance." - Senior Fiduciary Officer

Supplemental LIFETRACK™ Insurance Reviews

Pre-Acceptance Review

Identifies performance issues that would put greater liability on the Trustee prior to accepting a policy in trust. Delivered within 48 hours of receiving policy information.

Replacement Analysis

Essential to protect the fiduciary on any policy where a replacement is proposed by the financial adviser and/or agent. Quickly compare the in-force policy and proposed replacement.

Asset Allocation

An asset allocation program is critical for trustees to meet prudent investment standards. INVESTRACK™ reports consistently determine whether a policy’s asset allocation is appropriate given a policy’s unique performance characteristics.

Annuity Review

ANNUITRACK™ is an in-depth review on the contractual provisions and performance of an annuity. Each review evaluates three key areas: assessing the strength of the underlying carrier, determining the contract competitiveness and contract risk assessment.


Our ILIT Administration software centralizes, streamlines and documents all ILIT management activities. Trustees gain efficiencies, reduce administrative risk and improve overall productivity.



RIC serves fiduciaries in the development of customized solutions for problematic policies. We understand most professional trustees face the daunting task of balancing risk management functions and administrative overhead with limited ILIT revenue. RIC offers a suite of cost-effective remediation reports addressing all performance issues with recommended resolution.

Liability Mitigation

RIC can serve trustees when they may be in a sensitive position due to an unexpected policy lapse or reduction in benefits. These events can occur due to missed or late premium payments, major policy loans, negative investment performance or a number of other factors.


RIC is able to assist trustees in any capacity requested to advise on processes, conduct initial portfolio risk assessments, complete projects, or otherwise serve our clients as we are able.


We do not market or sell insurance at RIC. Our entire focus is to provide risk management and administrative solutions for trustees and fiduciaries holding Trust Owned Life Insurance.



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